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Also known as the Concept F², Thank you to our clientele for having trusted us for six years already.

Cedar Specialists

Having many years of experience in cedar maintenance, our team is trained specifically to be able to meet your needs. Whether it’s the cedar planting or the hedge trimming, you can trust us with your work.

Customer Experience

We wish to offer a quality service in order to have a relationship of trust with our customers. Our team is available to answer your questions and follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

Competitive price

We are aware that price is an important aspect when selecting an entrepreneur. That’s why we want to stand out by offering a competitive price without neglecting the quality of our services.

Getting to know us more

About PURcèdres

Our Cedar Maintenance Services

PURcèdres offers a full range of related services to meet all your needs.

Hedge and shrub trimming

Few people know the benefits of a trimmed cedar hedge . It is essential to their health and helps you to get the most from the benefits they offer during the summer season.

Find out the reasons why you should trim your cedars annualy.

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Cedar Planting

Si vous souhaitez obtenir de l’intimité face aux regards indiscrets provenant de votre voisinage, le tout sans négliger l’esthétisme de votre cours arrière avec la vue d’un grillage métallique, une haie de cèdres pourrait être la solution à vos besoins.

Learn more about our vast selection of cedars that would suit your property.

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Fertilization is a key element in obtaining a healthy cedar hedge. There are several reasons for its application, however, it can sometimes harm your cedars if it is made without the necessary knowledge. Using a specialist will guarantee you an optimum result that will be obtained in a safe way.

Know more by discovering the options that we offer.

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We now offer the service for the maintenance of your trees. Indeed, if you notice a tree too emcombrant that proves dangerous, the work can be risky. Do not hesitate to call on a specialist who will ensure the smooth running.

Get in contact with us to know the type of pruning you need.

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Cedar trim In Vaudreuil-Dorion

Hedge trimming in Montreal

Cedar hedge pruning

Hedge trimming in Coteau-du-Lac

Hedge trimming in île-Perrot

Hedge trimming at Pincourt


"Nice work. Thanks to Francis and his team! "


"They trimmed my cedar hedge and I'm really happy with the work they've done. Thanks for the good work! "


Excellent service! My first experience with Purcèdres! and not the last! The most beautiful cut made as of now. What a great job. Thank you! 


"Very good service and very professional!!"

Marc – André

totally satisfied! What a team! Respectful, efficient, everything is cleaned at the start. I highly recommend!


Very nice work, very clean, friendly and polite staff.


very good work



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